Sooth your body and soul with the 100% Natural lavender relaxation pack. Please keep in mind that each pack is handmade and may be slightly different. Everything you need to know about the pack will be listed below.

This set contains:
- Lavender eye pillow that can be used warm or cold with removable cover. Each pillow is made from 100% silk. Using a silk eye pillow in not only good for your skin its also better for your health as the pillow is less likely to hold bacteria. Using the pillow will help your skin stay healthy and smooth, it can help reduce eye puffiness and facial wrinkles. This pillow can be used for any part of the body, but its main purpose is to relax your eyes with the lavender aroma.
- Lavender candle with hand picked lavender pieces, that is perfect for anytime use to help calm the rooms atmosphere.
- Natural lavender infused pillow spray. Shake well before use. The main advantages of this pillow spray is that it will promote healthy sleep. It's safe for adults/ Children and Animals. This spray is great to take anywhere, traveling, or just to calm your work space. Not only does it act as a pillow spray it can also be used as a room spray. With this spray you will be breathing in the natural sweet aroma of lavender, it will calm your senses, purify your body and balance the spirit. 

Relaxation Pack

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  • What this pack does
    Aromatherapy is great for relieving aches, pains, headaches, menstrual cramps, ear aches, stress, sinus pain, allergies, relaxation or just to warm up. The best part is its all natural!