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Natural Soap

JUST like nature


Our favorites

Organic Glow 
Candle Range

These candles don't just look yummy they also smell amazing, mixed with biodegradable glitter that creates a magical pool of sparkles as the candle is lit. 


Fun novelty earrings 

Get groovy with the new range of handmade novelty earrings. Brighten your day and others with some fun accessories

Naturally Simple

About Soy Wax. As soy wax is made from soybean oil, the wax is a type of natural vegetable oil. It is 100% natural which means it is also vegan friendly and when paired with 100% cotton wicks, it makes the candle have absolutely no toxins. Soy candles emit far less soot than regular paraffin candles. The best thing about soy wax is that is burns around 50% slower than other waxes so their fragrance is gradually released over time, filling the room with a strong and lasting aroma. Soy wax is also biodegradable and a more environmentally friendly choice that is healthier for people and our pets at home.

Holding a Branch

I ensure your products are to the highest of quality. My candles and melts are individually handmade with love and delivered to you. All Biodegradable, including the glitters used which contains no nasties. 

Maisie Daisy